handbags crocheted
with rope and love

our bags

Handcrafted beauties that instantly brighten up your day with color, texture, and style. 

what our customers say...

is it possible to be stylish & sustainable?

YEAH... with cork leather

You’ve probably noticed our crocheted bags  accented with eco-friendly, vegan cork leather.
Cork leather is a buttery soft and beautifully textured modern alternative to traditional leather. It’s also water and stain resistant.
Is it is possible to respect our environment AND be stylish? Abso-freaking-lutely!

meet chelsea

The Chelsea Crossbody Bag is the new girl on our block. She’s the perfect blend of smart, strong, and sensible. Made with a cork leather base to keep your bag protected on the outside and a zip top to protect everything inside. She’s down for whatever and wherever life takes you.

cork leather wristlets & bag tassels

Travel light, chic, and eco-friendly with cork leather wristlets for carrying cash and cards or protecting your phone.
Add a little pizzazz to your purse or keychain with our cork leather tassels.

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