no old-fashioned granny squares or floppy sacks

we craft modern and chic crochet bags for the bold and stylish woman

exquisite bags, excellent craftsmanship & exceptional service

reasons why you'll LOVE us

I saw this seller at a local craft fair and was floored by the quality of the bags. It took no less than two days after to request my custom bag. I loved the rainbow color...It’s thick but light. Spacious...

Beautiful wristlet. I have a cork bag and I love the material and get complimented all of the time on it, so I thought I’d go for a cork wristlet too. It’s just as lovely and exactly what I was looking for.

The quality of my handmade bag is exceptional. I couldn't be happier with it! - great customer service from first contact, to prompt shipping, and making sure the customer is satisfied. This bag was just what I was imagining in my head and definitely met my expectations.

sustainably-made essentials and complimentary accent pieces

all handmade and under $30


These are! hook and rope bags are crocheted tightly to ensure your bag will keep its shape and made of strong macramé rope that can hold up to frequent wear.

Simply spot clean and let air dry. For step-by-step instructions, please see Bag Care.

We get this question a lot. Cork leather is a natural, organic, sustainable material that is soft to the touch, feather light, durable, easy to clean, and moisture resistant. Check out this post to learn more.

Definitely! Please contact us at to get started. 

Pretty sure you will. But if you don’t, you can return it for a refund within 30 days of purchase. Please see full return policy here.

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