About us

We design classic handbags.

We handcraft styles that last.

We create bags for everyday women.

Why choose us?

You expect quality.

You’ll recognize quality materials and our attention to detail in every bag. Our bags are made with macrame cord and rope. While other handmade bags crafted from acrylic or cotton yarns won’t last as long. Hook and Rope handbags are also lined so they keep their shape while keeping your valuables secure inside.


You want the freedom to make your own choices.


So we’re giving you options like several colors, different shapes, and unique styles. You’ll get pockets to hold the small stuff and adjustable straps to achieve your perfect fit. You can also choose one of our customizable styles to get it your way.


You prefer authenticity.

Some handbags being sold as handmade aren’t always made by hand. They’re machine-manufactured in factories overseas to look handmade. Hook and Rope bags are 100% handmade. We don’t use pre-made kits. Each bag is hand cut, hand sewn and hand assembled in the US.


You’re eco-conscious and passionate about community.

And we’re with you. It’s important to respect our environment by choosing sustainable resources. One of our recent additions is cork leather, replacing genuine leather or suede with an eco-friendly option. And we all need to consider the impact our buying has on our communities and our environment.


You in?

So whether you’re handmade savvy or new to the idea of buying handmade, we invite you to give us a try. Click the blue button below for an instant discount on ANY bag we sell. And if you change your mind, no worries. We’ll give you a full refund. And did we mention that shipping is FREE? 🙂

Core values

Communicate with empathy

We’re in this together.
So If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. Ask a question, give your opinion. We’re always listening.

Respect our environment

We’re always looking for ways to use eco-friendly materials and buy from suppliers who believe in protecting our Earth.

Support small businesses

Your bag is handmade and assembled here in the US. Our business supports other makers' dreams and helps our communities grow.

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