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You probably already know that cork leather is made from cork. But where does it come from exactly? And how is it transformed so I can deliver unique, eco-friendly bags you’ll love? Cork leather is amazing and I’d like to share with you why.

Made by nature

Cork is a material that’s harvested from cork trees that grow in parts of Europe and Africa. These trees are unique and so is the harvesting process. You see, cork trees are never cut down instead the bark is removed carefully by professionals called extractors. Cork extractors ensure the trees are not damaged during the removal process and that they continue to grow and produce more cork. Each tree is allowed to “rest” for nine years before it is harvested again making cork an amazing renewable resource.

Becoming cork leather

The extracted cork is left to dry out naturally and then steamed to increase its elasticity before being cut into thin sheets. This entire process is done without chemicals! A fabric backing is attached to the sheets of cork for added support so the cork can be used as a fabric, aka cork leather.

Hand holding cork tree bark at tree trunk

For the good

Cork leather is not only sustainable but also vegan. It’s naturally waterproof and stainproof. It has great elasticity and is stronger than standard animal leathers.

We use it for bag bottoms, closures, straps, and accents in many of our designs. The result is a beautiful, handmade accessory that’s durable and eco-friendly.

Every piece of cork leather is strong, soft and pliable. But did you know that each piece varies slightly in appearance? No two pieces of cork leather are exactly alike. And no two handbags made with cork will look exactly the same no matter how many times we create it.

Spreading the love

Cork has a unique natural beauty and feel that you’re love. You’ll feel good knowing that you’re making a positive impact on the environment all while looking your sophisticated best.

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