Saving the Planet:
One Handbag
at a Time

Ladies, isn’t it rewarding to know that we can do our part to help save our precious planet just by choosing an eco-friendly handbag!?

We created our handcrafted bags to not only look good but to be good for the environment.

By using sustainable materials, we can help minimize environmental issues commonly caused by the fashion industry. We design our handmade bags to be as eco-friendly as possible. We make every effort to support suppliers that are like-minded and share the same beliefs.

Our handcrafted bags are American made and made to last.

We design with our communities in mind and the impact our buying has on them. All Hook and Rope bags are 100% handmade and designed in the USA. Our eco-friendly handbags aren’t made from pre-made kits or by large manufacturers overseas. Each bag is cut, sewn, and assembled here. We use long-lasting, sturdy materials for our handcrafted accessories. For example, a recent addition to our handbag line is cork leather. It’s stronger than animal leather and stain and water resistant. Plus it’s an eco-friendly way to replace genuine leather or suede.

Our mission is to create unique bags with classic style, all while respecting the environment.

The team at Hook and Rope is continuously searching for ways to use eco-friendly materials in all our products and invites you to join us in saving the planet – one handbag at a time!

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